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My name is SaraH. I'm a Product Designer.

Classically trained artist, turned UX/UI Designer. I combine meaningful and practical insights with creative, human-centered experiences to create beautiful and accessible designs.


UX/UI Design

UX Research

UX Writing

Design Systems







Adobe Suite

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An enterprise company with the goal of providing safe, efficient, and mobile experiences for their employees in the field. 

  • UX/UI Design

  • Design System

  • User Testing

  • A11y

*This Case Study involves an NDA and is password protected. Please contact me to access and discuss.


A start-up creating connected community of support for students in special education, their teachers, and families. This platform helps keep students at the forefront of their education.

  • UX/UI Design

  • UX Writing

Cookie Cart Mock Up.png

Cookie Cart

Cookie Cart is a non-profit working to provide first job experiences and personal and professional training to youth in the Twin Cities. Their goal is to increase their sales revenue by 20% through an updated eCommerce website.

  • UX Research

  • UI Design

  • User Testing

How I Design

As I have progressed in my career, I bring these core principles to all of my projects:


Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither are good designs. A healthy team is filled with humility, collaboration, smooth handoffs, and above all, communication. 


Beautiful UI does not always equal good UX. I combine efficient experiences with beautiful brands to drive positive results. 


You can say a lot on a computer. You can say a lot less on a mobile device. Having proper mobile experience can provide efficient customer and employee experiences and save you time. 


From working with enterprise level companies to small startups, it is essential to build reusable components to create consistent experiences and faster implementation.


By creating experiences that are accessible to anyone with a permanent or temporary disability, we find the experience is better for all. 


I see mentorship opportunities in every interaction, whether I am learning or teaching. I approach my work with leadership, attention to detail, and creativity.

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