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Current special education information systems are more focused on federal and state compliance than on the student


manual data entry

Special Education teachers spend 40% of their time on paperwork, and 50% of Special Education teachers leave their position in their first 5 years.

lack transparency

The whole community of support around each student needs to see the same information - from parents, teachers, and case managers. 

Cluttered experience

Special Education Information Systems track key milestones and deadlines for students. These systems lack integration, making it hard to track down information.

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A special education software company providing child-centered solutions and support for teachers

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Increase transparency of Instrictiv's brand through content and UI design 

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gathering all the pieces before starting the puzzle

Competitive analysis

Reviewed and analyzed key language and visualizations with most used Special Education Information Systems.

Contextual Enquiry

Recorded language and tone from sessions with the Founders, and aligned it with the research to create 3 themes for the site: experience, technology, and cost.

content development

Wrote copy for each page of the website for clarity, consistency, and voice while preserving the mission and vision of the company. 

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Clean, efficient ui, just like the software

Transparent efficiency

The goal of the website is to share the mission of Instructiv in the same efficiency as the software. 

Promote software

The site promotes demos for all customers - from teachers, schools, and parents. 

Tools for the future

Deliverables provided tools to maintain and sustain future growth of the site and brand. 

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