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Instructiv puts students first. Current Special Education Information Systems are outdated, with a confusing and cluttered experience. The systems lack integrations and automation, causing significant redundancy and manual data entry. The system is more focused on federal and state compliance rather than improving the education of the student.



Instructiv is looking to gain awareness of their Special Education Information System through an updated brand (primarily voice) and redesigned website. The goals include empowering visuals and voice that reflects the human-centered approach to their software. The brand should reflect the efficient and automatic system, while highlighting the benefits to students, educators, and parents involved. 


I conducted competitive analysis on existing Special Education Information Systems to review key language and visuals used to describe the tools. The research supported the original challenge that systems focus more on compliance rather than individual students. 

From there, I shadowed sessions from the founders of Instrictiv where I recorded the language and tone in which they spoke of the technology. After sorting the key words into categories, I was able to categorize into Experience, Technology, and Cost. 

UX Writing

Utilizing the research, I wrote the copy for each page of the website for clarity, consistency, and voice, while preserving the mission and values of the company. The competitive analysis provided clarity for overall UX flow for the site, and allowed fro CTAs to be clear and concise. 

The overall Voice & Tone matches the following: 

  • Collaborative & Holistic

  • Empathetic & Engaging

  • Open & Affirming

  • Driven & Purposeful

  • Transformational & Authentic


With the writing and CTA started, I aligned the brand voice and visuals to the UI of their new website. 



Deliverables include a Brand guidelines with sections such as: Voice & Tone, Visuals, Buttons & Inputs, and more. The goal of this design was to create not only an update look, feel, and voice to Instructiv, but also provide them the tools to maintain and sustain their growth into the future. 

Instructiv Brand and UI Style Guide.jpg
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