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Cookie Cart


Cookie Cart is a non-profit working in Minneapolis and St. Paul to provide a first job experience to youth in the area, as well as personal and professional training and leadership skills. With the increase in wages and a decrease of philanthropic giving across the nation, Cookie Cart grappled with the question of how to stay on top of funding?


In the next 5 years, Cookie Cart wants to increase their cookie sales revenue by 20%, making their revenue 50% philanthropy and 50% sales. Specifically, they would like to increase their sales through a redesigned eCommerce website.



Cookie Cart is much more than cookies. Based on competitive analysis with similar mission-driven eCommerce shops, interviewing users, and analyzing current metrics, I was able to create a streamlined user flow.

Cookie Cart Flow.png


Given the challenge of increasing cookie sales by 20%, I started with the essential flow of selecting cookies. I reflected on my time visiting a Cookie Cart bakery, looking at all the delicious cookies in the large class case and choosing the dozen that I was going to bring home with me. Because of limitations from the bakery in terms of selecting cookies for a dozen and packaging in turn created a confusing flow on their website. Therefore, I streamlined the way to add cookies to the bag without leaving the page - creating a transparent experience. The design is responsive from a mobile phone to a desktop utilizing the drawer function for a cart, and meeting the needs of the users interviewed.

About Us Wireframe.jpg
Cookie Details Wireframe.jpg


From my wireframes and incorporating feedback from Cookie Cart, I incorporated the fun, youthful brand into the UI. 

Cookie Selection.png


With a clean design, I conducted a series of moderated and unmoderated user tests primarily focusing on the cookie selection flow to meet the goal of increasing cookie sales through an eCommerce flow. 



usability rate


of users were able to complete the flow requested


of moderated users felt connected to the mission and could explain why 


of users asked to add a donation before they were prompted to do so

Sharing & Retro

I shared the research, iterations, designs, and results with Cookie Cart, inspiring their website redesign. Cookie Cart utilized the work and rolled out a new eCommerce website in 2020. 


Cookie Cart for continues to provide first-job experiences to youth, and sell their delicious cookies to all! 

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