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The Challenge

Define the College of Saint Benedict and Saint John's University “Young Alum” audience to align planning, program, and communication efforts for the Young Alum Committee (YAC). They want to better understand their audience in terms of location, career choices and challenges, content of interest, and the best ways to communicate with them.


One of the main objectives of the YAC is to foster a life-long relationship with between young alums and their alma maters by engaging them in various ways. As a committee member of the YAC, I have noticed that the committee has had a difficult time engaging alum. because there is a lack of specific data to determine the audiences we are trying to reach. In order to have effective communication, programing, and engagement with alum, the YAC should know who they are reaching out to. Through audience analysis of the proposed data below, we can create baseline and have numbers to back up the YAC’s approach and to define who a “young alum” is. By having numbers to back up our approach, the YAC can better target alums, connect with alum on various channels, and create programing that will their needs.


In order to complete the project, I analyzed data from both institutions on the young alum population (>10 years out from graduation). I pulled a report listing:

  • Bennie/Johnnie

  • Graduation year

  • Degree

  • Activities while at CSB/SJU (if known)

  • Current location

  • Occupation/Employer

  • Higher Degree Level

  • Marital status

Further research can include, whether or not they attend alum programs already and whether or not they donate to the institutions.

I was able to look through two similar data sets from both St. Ben’s and St. John’s. I combined and cleaned up the data to match so that it could be easily sorted. From there, I created two Excel reports – one with the raw data and one with further analysis of summaries and percentages needed. I was then able to connect the data with a free data visualization tool – Tableau.




of Young Alum live in Minnesota


of Young Alum live in abroad


of Young Alum live in California

1.9% in Wisconsin; 1.7% in Colorado; 1.3% in Texas; 1.12% in Illinois; and 1.1% in North Dakota.


Because Minnesota has 76% of Young Alum – I decided to focus the rest of my analysis and visualization around this.


Within Minnesota, the largest populations are around the Twin Cities NW and SW regions, followed by the Twin Cities Minneapolis, then St. Cloud. As the Twin Cities is a large area, I focused on the TC – Minneapolis and St. Paul Geo-regions for future breakdowns.


From there, I was able to sort the information by Majors, and filter for those in the Twin Cities Metro area. The top majors in the Twin Cities are Communications, Accounting, and Biology. To go even further, I was able to see what companies the individuals are working at by their major. 



of Young Alum are married in total


of Young Alum in Minnesota are married


As a result of the research, I was able to share this information and more detailed versions with the Young Alum Committee to assist with their planning, program, and communication efforts with the young alum. From here, the committee can target their events based on location, interest, professional career, and more. They have the ability to reach alum where they are at, and continue to foster the relationship to their alma mater.