Website Redesign

The Challenge

OneVillage Partners is a non-profit based in Minneapolis, that catalyzes community-led transformation in rural Sierra Leone, West Africa. With decreases in philanthropic giving across the nation, OneVillage Partners is challenged with how they can make it quick, easy, and painless to give a donation online.

The Goal

Logo Transparent.png

Radical clarity in the website experience will lower hassles for users and increase revenue and credibility for OneVillage Partners.


To better understand the user and the organizational needs, I facilitated a discovery session. I dug deep into analytics of donors, followers, and users of the organizations external reaches. I listened as they explained their strategic goals. Both centered around increasing revenue and credibility. 

Competitive Analysis

User Flow

Because this is not any ordinary non-profit, OneVillage Partners wanted to stress donations, ways to be involved, and tools to be a thought leader in the industry. It is important to ensure everyone who would be interacting with the site is able to do so in a smooth process. 

UI Design

Here is a before and after glimpse of the website redesigned. The goal was to streamline the process for those who will interact with the site, and also share the beautiful images to maintain the uplifting brand.