OneVillage Partners

Brand and Messaging Strategy

The Challenge

OneVillage Partners is a non-profit based in Minneapolis, that catalyzes community-led transformation in rural Sierra Leone, West Africa. With the increased demand for communications, I developed a communications and branding guideline to streamline internal processes, and create consistency. 

The Goal

Logo Transparent.png

In 2019, OneVillage Partners raised more than $1 million. In the next 3 years, they are looking at strategies to raise their public presence and connect with more corporations and individuals.


Before, there was not consistency in design of external pieces, from social media, electronic newsletters, reports, website, or print pieces. I took the colors from the logo and existing fonts and revamped them to be consistent. 

OVP Font.png

User Personas

I was able to pull analytics about the main audiences of OneVillage Partners. From there, I created user personas to act as a reference when developing communications pieces. Here is one as an individual donor to the organization. 

OVP persona.png

Key Messages

Now that we have our users, how do we keep them around? What do they want to hear? Taking the four personas, we turned their attributes into key messages. What appeals to each persona about the work of OneVillage Partners? Why should they care? What can they do about it?

Compiling the personas and messaging with the visual branding guidelines, we were able to create a document that is the “North Star” for all their external communications.